Casey Walsh, Coach At The Ocala Gym CrossFit Pinnacle

Casey Walsh:

Coach At The Ocala Gym CrossFit Pinnacle

Background: Casey is 24 years old and currently a police officer with the Ocala Police Department.  Coach Casey has always been passionate about law enforcement where being physically fit is a necessity.  Coach Casey was injured on duty in 2010, where she was forced to take a break from her typical workout schedule.  During that time Coach Casey fell stagnant in her physical activities because of the limitations caused from her injury. After deciding this was not the way to live Casey decided to try CrossFit, where she immediately fell in love with the methodology and the results.  Casey, now fully recovered and even in the best condition of her life, will confidently tell you that CrossFit was a major factor in her rehabilitation.  Casey believes that fitness is an insurance policy, which is particularly important for a police officer to have general physical preparedness and the ability to accept any challenge.

Casey is a level one certified instructor and finds it gratifying to share not only her CrossFit training and knowledge but also the defensive tactics she instructs at the Police Department.  Casey is a natural born teacher and hopes to make a difference in others lives through her training, experience and passion.


  • 3 years as a police officer with the Ocala Police Department.
  • AS Degree in Criminal Justice Technology from CF
  • Defensive Tactics instructor for internal OPD training.

Goals: Casey hopes to become part of a specialized police unit such as, SWAT, k9 or the bicycle unit. She also hopes to begin teaching fitness classes to women that utilize functional movements, encouraging general fitness, and teaching self defense.

Hobbies:  Casey likes to play the Guitar, Shoot Guns, Cook, and Riding Bikes.

Quote:  Finish Stronger than You Started


Contact Info:

Phone: 352-653-9629