CrossFit Fundamentals Class
Our fundamental program is the first step to getting started with CrossFit. This program is designed for athletes who do not have a minimum of 6 months experience doing CrossFit. This includes anyone with running or weightlifting experience and even those who have NO experience... yet. This includes children and adults of any age. Click the "Get Started Tab" for more detailed information about the six week on-ramp program.

CrossFit Skills Class
CF Skills is our intermediate level class. The focus of this class is to develop skills and strength as you gain experience. Each class will review a "skill" for that day as well as a workout. You can expect a slower pace as well as less volume/loading compared to the main class.

CrossFit Main Class
Our main classes are your typical CrossFit class. This class targets athletes who have CrossFit experience and are comfortable with both weightlifting and gymnastics movements.


Open Gym
Gym space is available for training whatever you want outside of our normal class times.  Practice a skill, follow a supplementary strength program, or make up a WOD you missed that week.  This is a good opportunity to train with some of the equipment that is hard to program into to regular classes.