CFP Fundamental Classes

Ready to start CrossFit? It is easy with our CrossFit Pinnacle Fundamental program. You will meet 9 times over  the first 3 weeks with our experienced coaches learning the fundamental skills and knowledge that will properly prepare you to train in our main classes. Each class we will cover new movements or skills. After the coaches instruct proper movement there will be movement assessment and practice until everyone is comfortable. Class will end with a live speed workout of the day (WOD) using the movements and skills learned that day.

This program is designed for anyone who doesn't have in depth experience in CrossFit, even if you have never worked out before. Everyone can do CrossFit as long as they are moving properly and to a safe degree, which is why our coaches are here to guide you along the way. Some of these movement will require increased mobility, strength, or skill which is why it is important to learn alternatives that will help you get there. This fundamental program is designed to teach you these skills as well as the alternatives to help make for a smooth transition into our main CrossFit classes.

Following the 3 weeks of Fundamentals you will have an additional week in the main classes to make sure it is a good fit for YOU before making the rewarding decision to join the CrossFit Pinnacle family! We look forward to starting the next chapter of your fitness journey together soon.

  • Fundamentals begins the 1st Monday of every month.  

  • Cost is $75

  • Classes meet Mon, Wed, Thurs @ 7pm

  • 1 Hour coach led classes

  • 4 weeks total  (3 weeks of Fundamentals + 1 weeks in the main classes)

To get signed up click HERE or stop by the gym during normal business hours Mon-Fri.    We look forward to starting a new CF Fundamentals class the first Monday of every month!

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