Lindsey Guelde, Coach and Office Executive at The Ocala Gym CrossFit Pinnacle

Lindsey Guelde:

Coach and Office Executive at The Ocala Gym CrossFit Pinnacle


Background: Lindsey has made fitness a major part of her life since her late teens, with traditional workouts and even competing in Figure Show competitions. During that time, she found that she was still not at the fitness level she wanted personally and allowed the Figure Shows to dictate how she felt about herself.  Lindsey was introduced to CrossFit 2 years ago and like many was skeptical about what she called “this crazy kind of training”, but she quickly became a fan. After years of traditional work outs in the gym with very little results, she could actually see her body and mind transform into what she had been wanting for years.  Coach Lindsey took this a step further by becoming a certified trainer wanting to help others find the success she had. Coach Lindsey, also designed and launched the Women’s 90 Day Boot Camp Program at The Ocala Gym and has helped many women lose weight, gain confidence and get the body they have always wanted!


  • AA Degree from CFCC
  • Figure Show Competitor
  • Company Brand Marketing

Goals: Lindsey would like develop her knowledge on Olympic lifts and all other complicated movements, such as gymnastics so that she can better teach in order to help members perfect each movement.

Hobbies: Outside of CrossFit,  Lindsey enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to the beach, learning new things, and is currently reaching to the outdoors with hiking.

Favorite Quote: “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”~ Henry Ford