Matt Winters, CrossFit Coach at The Ocala Gym

Matt Winters:

CrossFit Coach at The Ocala Gym


 Background:  Matt is 22 years old and has been a member at The Ocala Gym CrossFit Pinnacle since the day the doors opened in April of 2010. Before CrossFit Matt will tell you he thought “fitness on flexing in mirrors, having big muscles, and awesome 1 rep maxes while slamming iron weights around in a regular gym”.  After experiencing his first class at CrossFit, Matt found that he was anything but fit or in shape. Since Matt’s first CrossFit workout he developed a growing passion and energy for this type of exercise, making it a huge part of his life. The CrossFit way of life greatly impacted Matt in his career and as a person. Wanting to share that experience with others, Matt decide to pursue his CrossFit level 1 Certification and is now a coach at CrossFit Pinnacle.


  • 2 Year CrossFit Member
  • 3 years as Career Firefighter/Paramedic with Marion County Fire Rescue

Goals: To be a CrossFit advocate to all who are not familiar. Through teaching and coaching other individuals at The Ocala Gym CrossFit Pinnacle the movements and fundamentals of CrossFit, he hopes to help people to achieve their fitness goals.

Favorite Quotes: Two mice fell into a bucket of cream, the first mouse quickly grew tired gave up and drown because he exercised at a regular gym. The second mouse (CrossFitter) never gave up and kicked his little legs so fast that he churned that cream into butter did 21-15-9 of hand stands, push-ups and pull ups on the edge of the bucket then crawled out to safety.~ Matt Winters 2012


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