Nick Cordle, Co-Founder and School Director of CrossFit Pinnacle

Nick Cordle:

Co-Founder and School Director of CrossFit Pinnacle

 Background: Nick is 30 years old, born in Leesburg, FL. For the past decade Nick has cultivated a passion for exercise and fitness. He really enjoys the freedom of a conditioned body and its translation into personal success. Between Nick’s past military and fire service experience, he has always strives to stay focused on the development of his physical health. Over four years ago Nick was introduced to CrossFit. At first, being skeptical and unsure how it's method would prove to be effective. However, within a short time Nick discovered its benefits and completely incorporated it into his life. It only took a few months after training with the CrossFit program that Nick accomplished his best gains physically, and greatly increased his awareness of proper nutrition, physical conditioning, and functional fitness.


  • 10 years of service as a Firefighter/Paramedic
  • Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003
  • 3 years as a Personal Trainer
  • 2 years Coach/Director of CrossFit Pinnacle.

Goals: To commit full time as the School Director and Coach with The Ocala Gym, CrossFit Pinnacle and continue with the pursuit of learning and translating it into teaching. Nick’s passion is to guide and motivate others to their personal best.

Hobbies: When Nick isn’t in the gym he is outdoors, where hiking is a big passion of his. Each year Nick hikes the Appalachian Trail with some close friends, and takes on over 100 miles in just a weeks time! Nick is also enjoys snowboarding, CrossFit competitions, and has recently taken on Adventure racing.

Favorite Quote: “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” ~Author Unknown


Contact Info:

Cell phone: 352.425.3744

Phone to school: 352.509.4987

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