Tom Semidey, Co-Founder and Head Coach at CrossFit Pinnacle

Tom Semidey:

Co-Founder and Head Coach at CrossFit Pinnacle


Background: Tom (Smiley) Semidey-Rivera is originally from Carolina, Puerto Rico moving to Florida at the age of 11.  Coach Tom was a Firefighter/Paramedic with Orlando Fire Department. Tom discovered CrossFit at age 22 and created his own success story and living testimony by losing 65lbs using the CrossFit methods.  During the course of his physical transformation he gained a true understanding and respect for fitness in the CrossFit process. Coach Tom has trained with CrossFit athletes and for events all over Florida which have challenged him both mentally and physically.  That experience has proved to Tom over and over, that he is able to achieve a new level of physical fitness each time he participates in a new event.  Tom is certified as a CrossFit Kettle Bell and Kids CrossFit Instructor and is working towards other certifications.


  • Career FireFighter/Paramedic for Orlando Fire Department.
  • 5 years of fire service
  • Over 1 year of Nutrition Marketing


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