Who Really Is The “Fittest On Earth”?

Who is the “fittest on earth”?

 When asked this question most people would name their favorite Pro Athlete or Olympic winner before they would name the winner of the CrossFit games who hold’s the title for the “Fittest on Earth”.  The difference between the athleticism  of a Pro Athlete and a CrossFit games winner, lie’s in the training. The training for CrossFit vs. sports specific training varies greatly, making the Coach’s at The Ocala Gym CrossFit Pinnacle wonder, which type of training creates a better overall athlete?

 Sport Specific Athletic training involves specific physical exercises that are meant to improve motor ability’s for overall improvement. The physical and technical coach must understand the following:

  1. The sport structure
  2. The mental and tactical approach to competition
  3. Body Function
  4. The temperament and physical condition of each athlete
  5. The tools of improving the required physiological and bio motor abilities

 GPP (general physical preparation) drills are designed to bring athletes conditioning to the highest level by increasing work capacity.

 8 Points of General Physical Preparation 

  1. Increase work threshold and levels of fitness
  2. Assist in muscular recovery
  3. Provide a unique variation to training
  4. Enhance motor skills
  5. Provide an appropriate connection to sport-specific movement patterns
  6. Development of explosive work and introduction into complex styles of training
  7. Prepare the psychological process and concentration
  8. Development of a thirst for victory

 CrossFit Training compared to team sport training

  1. CrossFit training is not skill specific.
  2. CrossFit training uses Periodization the process of varying time intervals to bring about optimal gains in physical performance.
  3. Preparing for CrossFit games requires training every week and months before the competition finding your peak two weeks before the competition
  4. There are not skill specific drills required with CrossFit.
  5. The goals in CrossFit are endurance based not goal driven.
  6. CrossFit workouts are the competitive events so it’s not “game-like”.

Consider how your favorite pro athlete would perform your daily WOD? How would they measure up in a sport they are not known for, like a triathlon? The Ocala Gyms CrossFit Pinnacle believes that GGP trained athlete would win hands down.  This is why the CrossFit games winner deserves the title, “Fittest on Earth”.

 *photo credits to Reebok and http://games.crossfit.com website

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